Friday 30 March - 19h00 - Monaco - Musée Océanographique

Morton Feldman / String Quartet II
Quatuor Béla
Frédéric Aurier et Julien Dieudegard, violons
Julian Boutin, alto
Luc Dedreuil, violoncelle





(c)Jean-Louis Fernandez



Music is the art of time. The American Morton Feldman understood that well, he who loved long and almost mystic experiments. Such as his Quatuor nº 2 (1983) which lasts five hours(!), you can choose to listen to it in one piece or if you prefer take a few snack breaks. An unheard-of experience in a special extraordinary facility: in great comfort, with special seating, as well as the opportunity to leave the room for a few moments, soundlessly thanks to muffled slippers, you will be able to enjoy the music of this crazy evening to the full.


Price: 26€