Beethoven - Piano concertos n°1 and 5

Saturday 16 March - 20h30 - Monaco - Auditorium Rainier III

Mauricio Kagel / Con voce, pour 3 interprètes muets et instruments ad libitum
Maroussia Gentet, piano
Jean-Etienne Sotty, accordéon
Jean-Baptiste Bonnard & Adélaïde Ferrière, percussions

Ludwig van Beethoven / Concerto pour piano n°1, op.15
Ludwig van Beethoven / Concerto pour piano n°5, op.73
Sinfonia Varsovia, orchestre
François-Frédéric Guy, direction et piano

The integral of the Beethoven piano concertos in 2 nights (15 and 16 march)!


An air of liberty rushes through Beethoven's piano concertos! The scores that the composer himself performed on a piano to the public are packed with effects that foil the audience's expectations. Like an alpha and omega, the first and last ones are unrivalled masterpieces that transcend the genre. A contemporary of Symphony No.5, The Emperor Concerto is very rarely conducted from the piano: proof that François-Frédéric Guy has become a real conductor.


Pre-concert talk : "Conducting from the piano" by Christian Merlin, musicologist


Free shuttles


Photo ©Mirek Pietruszynski