Beethoven Quatuors (2)

Friday 22 March - 20h30 - Monaco - Salle Empire - Hôtel de Paris

Alexandros Markeas / Die neuen ruinen von Athen - Création mondiale - commande du festival Printemps des Arts de Monte-Carlo
Ludwig van Beethoven / Quatuor à cordes n°14 en do dièse mineur, op.131
Quatuor Diotima
Yun-Peng Zhao, violon
Constance Ronzatti, violon
Franck Chevalier, alto
Pierre Morlet, violoncelle

The Diotima Quartet are as talented in the contemporary repertoire as romantic music and have created a new form of prowess: you could call it "stylistic" prowess as they are at ease no matter the repertoire. Franco-Greek composer Alexandros Markeas focuses on noise, electronics, repetition and especially the borders that disappear between genres in his music. When it comes to the new piece that he's performing in a world first, Beethoven's music hasn't aged a day! Its innovative power is still as fascinating and modern despite the 200 year gap between the two composers!


Pre-performance talk : "Beethoven's last quartets" by Marc Dumont, music historian


Free shuttles


Photo ©Jémérie Mazenq