CD concert (1)

Thursday 21 March - 20h30 - Monaco - Salle Empire - Hôtel de Paris

CD Debussy
Claude Debussy / Pour le piano
Claude Debussy / Les études
Claude Debussy / Estampes
Claude Debussy / Les études
Marie Vermeulin, piano

Marie Vermeulin is a recent piano revelation with an extensive colour palette that she blends with poetry. That's why Debussy is among the musicians that she best performs. Her piano technique charms you, whisks you away and creates a universe of "special sounds" as the composer used to say. From the most technical (Études, 1915) and poetic (Estampes, 1903) to a tribute to past masters (Pour le piano, 1901), her recital programme gives you the chance to experience the entire palette of her expression.


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Photo ©Olivier Roller