Mauricio Kagel's film "Ludwig van" screening

Friday 12 April - 20h30 - Monaco - Théâtre Princesse Grace


Prélude de Mauricio Kagel

Mauricio Kagel / Recitatievarie pour clavecin chantant
Annick Arpino, clavecin (élève de l'Académie Rainier III de Monaco)

In the wake of May 1968, Mauricio Kagel's mischievous side was unleashed! His film Ludwig van (1969) explores the fascination we have for music by the famous Beethoven with themes that everyone knows from the "pom-pom-pom-poooom" in Symphony No.5 to the one in Symphony No.9. Beethoven's music plays over everyday life in a surrealist and iconoclastic way in the first sequence of the film. The cult scene comes later, when the audience steps into a scene completely soaked in music from the great Ludwig and the performers randomly play what they see before them in the spirit of an exhilarating happening


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Photo : «Ludwig van | Hommage von Beethoven | für beliebige Besetzung» © Copyright by Universal Edition A.G., Wien